Monday, May 18, 2009

Few Questions for all of us (The PAKISTANIES)

This forum is for us to discuss the things concernd with us as an Individual, Society, Relation of an Individual & Society, Attitudes & Our future.

There are lot of topics here to discuss for the seek of getting workable conclusion or point out the things to provoke thoughts. I think Communication on things, matters and events are necessary specially for us where we only talking not Communication.
Talking made noises and Communication made understanding.

Now I think we badly need understanding as a Society, as a Nation thus we would be going towards One Pakistan One Nation.
One Pakistan One Nation is a simple slogan but have lot of things inside as if we just begin to think with it we may hope to be win, to be united and to be civilized.

This slogan covers a message of harmony, peace, love and brotherhood.

So what is our role to be a Pakistani ( If we believe on One Pakistan One Nation )

1/. Love with others but Why?

2/. Care of others but Why?

3/. Dont break the rules (whereever) but why?

4/. Don't critisize but Why?

5/. Dream for a better tommorrow but why?

6/. Don'd support Insanity in any shape without any reservation but Why?

7/. Alway support Good Persons whereever they are. Without any reservation of language, party, sect, religon and sort of prefrences. But Why?

Voice of Life by Faisal Ali Arain