Monday, July 16, 2012

Dedicated to all those left us suddenly. "LOG" Mere Seher ke Gunjan Rasto aur Gali Kochon main Kiyun Moot Taaqub mai hai Mere Chahne walo ke Wo sare chehre, Wo sare rishte, Wo sare Log mere Kisi ke Bete, Kise ke Bhai aur Kisi ke bohat se rishte Yakayak ak khabar bankar Yadon ma badal jate hain Ankhon mai ansoo, Dil ki khalish ban kar reh jate hain Jeete jagte zinda log bas tasveron mai reh jate hain Sare rishte nate tor ke dor bohat dor chale jate hain --------------------------------------- Voice of Life by Faisal Ali Arain
Few lines written by me. Kiran Mujhe koi achi se khabar dena Mujhe Koi aik umeed-e-sehar dena Mai bohat dair se andheron main bhataka hi raha hon aur ab tu Mujhe thora sa haq samajh kar Roshni ki aik choti si kiran de dena Wo kiran lekar main phir palat jaon ga Ose lekar main apne shehar ko hi jaon ga bohat dino se ke mere shehar ke logo ne Na koi achi khabar, na koi naumeed-e-sehar aur na roshni ke koi aik kiran dekhi hai --------------------------------------- Voice of Life by Faisal Ali Arain

Friday, November 4, 2011

Three Questions

Another campaign against Democracy has begun again. People and specially political workers has to concentrate deep inside on causes, reasons and things hide behind smoke of apperent things. We all are agree with & support the Anti-Corruption Movement but there is very much care to differentiate between the Anti-corruption Movement and Anti-democracy Movement. We have to see first on History of Pakistan & History of Pakistan Politics, To see in detail about the Reasons & Causes of Corruption invented in Politics & Who were the Responsible those was done this dirty job. I have lot of questions to ask the blammers of field & facebook to many persons, 1/. What do you think about the Era of Ex-Governer General Ghulam Muhammad, Ex-President Major General (R) Askandar Mirza & Field Marshall General Muhammad Ayub? Many books like Shahab Nama by Quduratullah Shahab ( former I.C.S. ) provide few facts to understand and there are other books also to provide awareness of that time
2/. What do you think about those who easily said and expressed open support to Dictatorship ?

3/. There are lot of people thier parents were Govt Employees ( Civil & Military Officers ) who had established the Assets beyond thier financial limits and salaries but now their Generation who survivied on that Lotted Money of Corruption are Representing the Truth and Honesty?

I will ask more questions but now I think above three questions are enough to ask to my friends.

--------------------------------------- Voice of Life by Faisal Ali Arain

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Magnitude of Understanding

To Confront the Truth of History, Accept the Mistakes of Past and Working with Honesty lead any Individual, Society, Country or Nation towrad real Development, Progress and Prosperity. If it is done you can say that it is the making of Real step forward

Do we examine ourselves according to above lines easily?

Do we believe that these lines are Worthwhile for us?

Do we able to Confront the Truth of our history in different areas and era?

Is the lines have magnitude of value to help us seeking the Solutions of our continue Crisis?

Do we really want to end the series of crisis began since 1947?

We have questions and we have to find the answers without blaming attitude but with a scientific, sincere and practical approach to help us in real meaning which make it possible to Get a Real Big Change without any Revelution but from the Way of Evolution.

One important question is : What are the Real Asset of a Society ?

Materialistic Assets : Infrastructure, Money, Buildings & Roads, New Cars and Aeroplanes and etc........................ ?



And now which type of Assets we have in our Society ?

The purpose of writing these lines are not blaming anyone but Think about the MAGNITUDE of UNDERSTANDING!!

An hour of simple thinking on the subject and about the things one can rapidly begin by him/herself to get the Real Assets of Society may help every Individual to make a step forward.

Is there any hope for you to do??

--------------------------------------- Voice of Life by Faisal Ali Arain

Thursday, June 16, 2011

FaisalAliArain on Bloggers

FaisalAliArain on Bloggers

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Friday, April 15, 2011

A little out of my thikning of a while

Just Blaiming & Complaining is not the best way even when you are right about in this regard. Take the Responsibility is the Best Way but there is a problem as everyone has thier own meaning of Responsibility : One has its meaning as Punishment, Another has its meaning as Burden, Another has its meaning as Problem, Another has its meaning as Fatek. I am sure that these wrong meanings are one of the root cause of problem as when one has no right meaning of a very much important word which directly concern with the life and its all problem, The scence becomes worst!

May be for many Intelluctual all these above lines are not worthy to concentrate and think about to conect this idea with the failures of Individual, Groups and Society towards the solution of challenges they are facing in daily life and failure lead towards the simple and complicated problems thus Society has been faced Chaos. In the core of problem when one want to findout the possible ways towards solutions to make life easier, simple and worthwhile a important thing to see and check is Mis-understanding of words in various ways. For many this idea is strange, impractical and etc...... but if one in a good condition of mind with passion to explore the real practical thing towards the solution, will find out some senior data which help an individual, group & society towards the bottom line where its easy to findout the begining of basic problem.

Our general attitude towards the study is proven thing and measurement standard of our priorities and understanding about Life and the problems related with it and its conectivity with the failures in general progress.

And now after alot of lines about the problem may be in a bit tough & philosophical style I think we have to focus on the summary of all these above lines indicating towards the two main things and the correct understanding of them may lead us towards the right attitude for many important things in life: One is taking Responsibility with correct understanding and honest passion towards solution and 2nd is the importance of understanding of the correct meaning of WORDS with ability to conect them in a right place in life.

--------------------------------------- Voice of Life by Faisal Ali Arain

Friday, February 11, 2011

What is the Problem?

In all arounds there is a chaos!

Everyone has problems but not solutions!

Is the situation justified and I think justification of the problem is not the remedy but Everyone needs Solutions.

Before we going to see the options and expectations of the Solutions, first we have to see the reason behind:

There are different reason lying in the surface and we need to findout the core or basic reason to make us enable to go towards the Solution thus betterment.

Apparent reasons are : Influation, failure of Law & Order, Bad Economic Situation, Insecurity, Terrorism, Failure of System, Un-employment, Corruption, Bad Governence and etc.............................................................................

It is really hard to findout the core/basic reason out of these all reason and in which many reason seems to be core/basic reason.

After long observation of years and long hours of interaction with different people from different walks of life things went towards the way:

The reason I found is not important for the majority of people I have met to discuss the subject matter and this is not strange for me as this attitude is the part of problem.

For majority of people the important problem is what which is concern to him/her or some how related to his/her interest.

The lacking point is National Interest instead of personal interest even the interest is right. Nations don't even survive with this kind of thinking and attitude, moreover this may lead a nation to a swan song.

The problem is

" Every one ask what Pakistan give him/her but not realize what Pakistan have given him/her"

This is now question for all of us and I need your personal answer

--------------------------------------- Voice of Life by Faisal Ali Arain

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Rehabilitation of Flood affected people. Trauma Management by Dianetics Technology.

The one thing which is most important for affected people is the " Trauma Management " as I have experienced in my work with Earthquake affected people. Those who lost their family members, home are not in good condition have need to rehablitate in following order: 1. Rescue ( Escape from the Danger Place. 2. Medical treatment ( if needed ). 3. Provision of Shelter & food. 4. Trauma Management ( As I mentioned earlier that when someone had faced the loses ( emotional or physical or material ) then his willingness toward life is going down. At this moment he/she needs trauma management ( detail or enough counseling to rehabilitate so he/she motivate to live and able to face/confront the life.) and it is very much important that these trauma management will be done without tranquilizers / drugs / medicine. Volunteer Ministers ( & ) are trained to do it quickly and always trained others to do it. The last step of rehabilitation procedure is really very very important as for this Dianetics Assist Team needs your co-operation and needs people to be volunteer for to be trained.

--------------------------------------- Voice of Life by Faisal Ali Arain

Project Blue Beam? Pt. 2

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