Friday, April 24, 2009

Article Two: Public Transport of Karachi: Reason for Violence.

Karachi: The biggest city of Pakistan, Economic Capital of Pakistan, Financial Hub of Pakistan. The city of Lights.

The citizens of karachi still facing alot of problems because of public transport. City Distt Govt Karachi have made many roads but the dangerous creatures in the name of public transport are running here as a threat to burn the city.
Some following reasons are important to know as we are discussing the important but neglecting issue for the citizens of Karachi.

1/. The dirty, ill-maintained & too much packed buses & wagons are like a hell for citizens those have no choice to travel in this public transport with heavy fears but even unable to stand with repect into these buses & wagons and moreover the insist of conductors to fill this short places inside bus/wagon with more people even on the roof of buses/wagons.

2/. Increasing ratio of casualities (loss of precious lives) by public transport & other commercial transport like dumpers, trucks & heavy vehicles is very cautious and noticeable as well as failure of Law to punish the guilty drivers and owners (reponsible in behind) is a reason which lead people to think that this is not controlable by Law so don't expect a solution or justice.

3/. Majority of drivers of public transport & heavy vehicle has no driving licensce so because of thier unawareness about driving & traffice laws lead them to break the law very bravely as they know they will not get by law for thier offences as traffic police and courts have failed to punish any guilty driver for loss of citizens lives on road.

4/. A normal person may lost his enthusiasum & happiness after traveling as the inner conditions of buses/wagons are enough capable to end thier happiness & good mood but moreover make him/her angry & frustrated.

5/. After every few months transporters demanded for
raising the fares without providing any facility to passenger as maintenance of buses/wagons engines & inside area of vehicles.

6/. Not-properly-maintained vehicles are now become agents for raising polution rate by lethal smoke by buses/wagons thus a continue threat for every citizen on road and responsible for increasing rate of environmental deases and problems for citizens too.

7/. Continue misbehave of drivers & conductors with passengers is the reason to disturb passengers and we all know that disturbed people are a alaram for society peace.

Above reason and many other thing are enough to understand that Public Transport & Heavy Vehicles in Karachi may cause for a big violence in the city thus Anti-state elements may take benefit ofuse this burning situation.

Who is the responsible to check all this horrible situation. We have past refrences of bushra zaidi case as a example when a female student lost her life in a traffice accident and then city burned for years.

I have also written a small blog on my facebook notes about the same topic as I think that this is really important for the development of the city to provide good public transport facility to the common citizens and Good public transport may cause the benefit the economics and peace of city becaise frustated, angry & disturbed citizens unable to make progress.
Also if citizens have good public teansport system the mostly people use public transport for travel and we have less traffic in roads which provide benefit as less fuel used for vehicles and we will take benefot regardong saving of foreign exchange (used for import of furl), Better environment and less traffic jams in the city.
Voice of Life by Faisal Ali Arain

Thursday, April 23, 2009

May we begin (one of my notes)

This is a time to begin but its better that first a thinks with passion and take a permenant decision then discuss with your own in detail and then start to do. Friends its not difficult. Everyone out of us are capable so don't under-estimate yourself by your own and don't under-estimate others. Atleast a individual begin from a little work on constant basis. Just take a look in your arounds and note what is the easiest thing to do for betterment.Production is the basis of morale (L.Ron.Hubbard)So when one begin to do something whatever their action is toward betterment. He/She will get high morale and you all know what the slogan is in the soldiers when they are going to begin any advance:Morale is HighUp to Sky.So now we needs " Hight Morale " and we will get by just producing and there are thousunds ways to do better thing. Just think, take decision, start and produce ( There is a will, there is a way)Wo tu suna hai na" SUB KUCH HO SAKTA HAI "Note: Might be possible that many have fears, doubts, failure and other barriersBut Allama Iqbal said:Tundeei bad-e-mukhalif se na ghabra Ae UqaabYeah tu urti hai tujhe aur Ooncha auranee ke liye.Life is a game and all the game consists on Freedom, Barriers & limitations. A good player is who know what the game is and to know the ingredeints of game is help to play a better game.So leave all the thing which stop us to rise as a Nation and just start doing things.

Voice of Life by Faisal Ali Arain

A little story when I have met Faisal Qureshi ( one of my notes)

My Friends:I want to tell you a little story:Few days ago I have introduced with face by a friend. Take this website as a normal site as other. Search many persons and make them friend. During this search have seen Faisal Qureshi and request him to add and he did. Because I am using my Nokia Communicator to surf net so almost all the time I am on the net with all my work. After coming on fb began participating on discussion on different status like Marvi Sirmed, Farzana Khan, Irum Khan & etc......Later on I began to participating on the discussion of FQ's status where I found something different. Few days ago after 3/3 Lahore Terrorist Attack occured. I read on FQ's status that he needs 10 or 15 people who want to come on his show & those who are interested just send him an email. I did and later on received the invitation to come on the channel to participate on this show. I went and met FQ and after show we all 11 people had a good discussi on with him and Adnan. A little girl there told that when she 1st met FQ and later she continue to met/discuss him she have been feeling more love and courage to do for the Pakistan. On that time I just listen her but I am feeling like her after a little meeting with FQ. Thanks to re-kindle such feeling in me eagerly.

Voice of Life by Faisal Ali Arain

Is Complain the only way for us? ( one of my notes)

I have read the article written by Zaire Haider. Its good but I am not agree with all contents. He said to arrange a mob! The majority of people talk against poiliticians but want to use political tricks & tactics. There are many peaceful method to do protest and record the point of view about any situation. Many are saying that they need solution but what they did. Why don't good people come in politics and do thier rule. In this time I remeber some dialogs from indian film " NAIK ". This is about politics and some parts are very interesting. Once the hero Aneel Kapoor refused to contesting the election then Ompuri told him " Everyone wants a peaceful home at good area. everyone want to work from 09 to 05p.m. A beautiful wife, Peaceful home & other facilities and want to have tea in lawn, Reads News paper and telling to wife : Darling the politicians are very bad. Ompuri said to hero that if all are thinking like that who will come to save the country. If Gandhi thought like this who will get freedom for India"These are thought provoking dialogs. are we are totally hopeless. Do we are completely unable to do anything as an individual. Why we dont begin anything from our home, our area instead of critisizing authorities. What is a difference between we & them." Set a good Example " is the way as I thinks. There are ways if we really have will to do.

Voice of Life by Faisal Ali Arain

I am Responsible (One of my notes)

I am like that every citizen of Pakistan has right to have a political view and its neccessary. Politics is vital to run the governments worldwide. One should support the Government formed by people & work for people.I am the one who thinks that all the bad & wrong things in our country just happend because of the low responisbility level of an individual as a bieng, as a citizen & as a member of society. We need the Study Technology to get the actual knowledge of " How to Learn & Study " and the barriers of study which prevent us to fully understand and application in life of what we have studied.I am working with A.B.L.E. T.W.T.H. & Applied Scholastics I know that what are our problem and how we will solve them.As a citizen of Pakistan, As a being, As a Responsible to Reform & Correction of all things in my country I have decided to work for this cause my whole life.
Voice of Life by Faisal Ali Arain

Come On & Keep Continue the Good Things (One of my notes)

Many machines/equipments and things were made because there was an idea/dream and the men's history was filled with many examples.If a man had not dreamed to fly like birds how can an aeroplane become a reality. But the persons have been worked to made aeroplande had had alot of criticism & misbehave.And may the following idiom was made on that times."If there is a will, There is a way"The last percept out of 21 percept of book The Way to Happiness is:Flourish & Prosper.Inspite of all difficulties & demotivation True & Correct is always True & Correct.@ All who thinks "That Communication or Discussion on the things/matters are useless"This discussion, communication is not waste. It basically push a person to thinkover on problems, difficulties, neccesities and when one begin think over all these its the real begining.Come On and Keep continue the good things even very little."Ever Support the Person of Goodwill"

Voice of Life by Faisal Ali Arain

Good work need one thing " Not blaiming but keep continue your good work "

To blaim anyone for whatever reason even right is not the right.We are young and able to change things but the first principal is to concentrate on what we are able to do and start inspite of all barriers & difficulties. If we concentrate or focus our energy, time and attention to those who are not right. Then we just make less our energy. time & attention from the right things need to be done. I am thinking like that. Good work is like a light and any Dark no matter how big is unable to hide the Light no matter how little. Because Light is doing thier work: Spread thierself. So Good work is thier advertisment, effect, advise, message by thier goodness.Keep continue your good work
Voice of Life by Faisal Ali Arain

We have equal share to bring our society into problems not only Politicians are responsible (one of my notes)

Every country of world is govern by Politics which basically a Subject also studied in universities. But Politics in Sub-continent & under-developed countries is criticized because of corruption, bad governence, lack of consistency on principles and sort of things.Good ratioo of real Education is the only remedy for 3rd world countries but Education is not the name of having degrees.A civilization not built on degrees but collective attitude make it possible to be civilized where honest people can have rights and for this the first step is begin with self. One can change the world if he/she can change himself for the better.Thos who blaims the Politicians & Rulers thinks not about thierselves that People basically ellect the rulers and in the case of other type of ruling except democracy People are who allow the ogvernment to rule by silent approval.Our common problem is real KNOWLEDGE of causes & reason behind the problem and to know this we have to Educate in a real sence.So there is a remedy to get Educated alongwith Society
Voice of Life by Faisal Ali Arain

Few lines written after terrorist attack on Srilankan cricket team on Lahore (One of my notes)

We the people of PAKISTAN are facing another terrorist attack on Lahore at Police Training School.Please think what terrorist want? and what is thier primary target by this type of attacks?" The Primary Target Is To Destroy the Hope of People of Pakistan ".Its the time that we do identify the targets of terrorist.Be UnitedWhat we expect from all PAKISTANIESWe expect from you & others to Be Strong noe.This is not the words only. I have been experienced casualities in my family, many of my friends of police or rangers and others the great shaheeds of common people. I have learned that the primary target of terrorism is " To Destroy the Hope & Morale ".Please & Come On All.Its another test of our MORALE.

Voice of Life by Faisal Ali Arain

How we create our future towards better (One of my notes)

One should have a broad view about matters and strong ability to listen and understand other's point of views. Communication is a tool which use to reslove all the matters. If we all take decision to repect other believes & don't blaim to Govt, Institutions, Groups & others but develop a culture of tolerance. Everyone has rights as we have so respect others create a tolerance culture.In cicilized sicieties one thing is common: Freedom of speech & write is protected by society & individuals.Here without blaiming the past we able to develop a good future by caring eachother and this caring include the true respect of others and let others say what they want and to solve minor or major matters by communication & discussion.
Voice of Life by Faisal Ali Arain

National Bloggers Confrence 2009. Karachi

I am sitting in the kohinoor hall of Regent Plaza Hotel Karachi. Its 03:44 p.m. at confrence will supposed to start on 4:00 p.m. as I have received a message that all attnedees must be on time and due to this message I am here before time.This is a unique event specially in our environment where majority is fond of events but not this type of. Internet bring a reveloution in the world and every type of communication to all the world became easy, fast and within every subject & field had recieved a change after internet. Now Internet has more changed and blogging & social networking websites are new addition where people meet new people, write and discuss the issues of common interest. Blogging almost end the monoply of one in communication on media as its the new branch of media for an individual wothout having lot of money, decleration and various equipment. Now you need only a computer or mobile to get conect with this world and you have a open access on it.Its a new begining & I personally feeling happy. Let see what is going on when event will start and I will sure write another blog about it after completion pf confrence.

Review after attending:

National Bloggers Confrence is a unique event as its the first initiative by any Government of South Asia & Middle East. So Mr Raza Haroon Provincial Minister for I.T. Govt of Sind, Mr Ali Raza, Mr Chisti & thier team is highly appreciated. I knew about another name who was did alot for this confrence and during the confrence and the lady is Rabia Gareeb ( I hope that I spell correctly). Confrence is the begining of new era of change in journalism & communication. Many Bloggers came on stage and have talked about blogging: Jehanara, Rimla, Farhan chaowla, Ammar from and in the last a bloggers who have talked about Urdu blogging. Mr Raza Haroon (Provincial Minister for I.T. Sindh) & Mr Farooq Sattar (Federal Minister for Overseas Pakistanies,) addresses were good. I hope that this type of confrences & seminars will continue in future to promote & support Blogging as a healthy medium of communication as well as use the talent of blogging for the modification of system as people needs. This is the time to understand the new changes in the world and I.T. revelution had changed the world. If we make ourselves fimiliar to them as a nation it may provide us the benefit and we will use the talent of our bloggers in different fields.Any democratic government needs to conect with thier people and social networking sites & blogging is the way.In the last I am again appreciating Ali Raza, A.K.Chishti, Rabia gareeb and all others (I don't know the name of others).Please continue these type of programes.

Article One: Public Transport of Karachi: Reason for Violence.

Public Transport System is one of the major reason of Violence in the city. In the population of arounds 200,000,00 citizens there is very uncomfortable & ugly system of Transport always act as a THREAT to the citizens of this megapoliton city. The burning era of Karachi had started after the Bushra Zaidi's accident case and citizens have been suffered the after effects upto many years as well as this incident changed the collective attitude of the city and the City of Lights becomes the City of Disputes thus we have been experienced a divide society here still. Dirty & bad-maintained buses & wagons, Old model taxies & smoking rachshaws alongwith un-trained & misbehaving drivers (in the majority) having no driving license and also unknown about traffic laws made this city like a hell where apparently no law is present to savew citizens from Transport mafia.What is this?Is this Karachi: The biggest one city of country?I this Karachi: The economical capital of country?Provincial Transport Ministry, City District Govt Karachi, Traffic Police & Traffic Engineering Bearu are busy to fight eachother for share of powers & jurisdaction.So who is responsible to DO SOMETHING for Transport & transport system of Karachi.Since long time the citizens have been listening & listening only but in this regard no major changes have seen so this matter becomes a story that citizens of Karachi have better facilities of transport. This misbehave by authorities provoking citizens and make them angry about everything and this is not a good indicator as disturbed people or citizens ever being problem for governments & society but there is all society became disturbed just because of nobody from authorities really do something for thier problems.But there is another view point for all this problem. Have we ever relay on government & authorities to DO SOMETHING for MAKE THINGS GO RIGHT?Will we DO SOMETHING to MAKE THINGS GO RIGHT?Is only government responsible for ?As a citizen or society how we change the things toward the better?We have right of protest but how?protest by violence is not the solution or right answer to the problem we have.We will protest by blogging, commenting on blogging. by writing emails to the concern authorities & media also to raiae the matter on screen & news., by writing letters to the authorities, editors of newspapers, news televisions and the parlimentarian, judges.We will arrange rallies, silent protest by many methods.we will make the change if we really want to do. Now question is that: Are we really want a change?

To critisize is not the way to MAKE THINGS GO RIGHT.

I have read a post against politics & politicians of PAKISTAN so I thouht about to write following lines, One of my facebook friend use very hard words for Politicians of Pakistan and may she urge in thier post that soon Politics & Politicians of PAKISTAN may vanish. I have just a laugh for her because there are good & bad people in every field, religon, area, city, country & nation but how we look the feeling of urging vanish to a subject & related people. Critisizing give us clue of another thing which is not good. Critisizing is merely Irresponsibility!Those who able to do anything or those who are doing something in some field or area not Critisizing but "Set a Good Example" or " Keep Continue thier Good Work" as these are the only ways to "MAKE THINGS GO RIGHT"
Maya Its really strange to read your this post. Would you like to concern dictionary to check the meaning of POLITICS: A subject Studied in universities and like other subjects as medical, engineering, economics and other subjects. In every area & field there are good & bad people. I have seen mostly who criticize actully have not been done much work for the field, area or country they are critisizing for. There are not bad politicians but bad doctors, bad engineers, bad nurses, bad office workers, bad social workers, bad people, but always there good people in every field. An hateful attitiude is ever indicated from those who failed to do perform thier responsibilities or have not done anthing which they have to do.

An Individual's first step may the begining towards change.

One of our great poet Faiz ahmed Faiz said"Bool ke Lab Azad hain Tere. Bool Zaban Ab tak teri hai "
Communication is universal solvent.
If communication take place other uncivilized attitudes or wrong tradation may vanish.
This is the era of Evolution not Reveloution.I am agree if one try to be Civilized by attitude, by " Set A Good Example ".First thing is to think & believe on good by heart and convience own to beging care the attitude and develop culture of Tolerence. " I " an individual can start this easily thus the change begins.

Lets communicate for make the change.

Whatever the reason is --- It may lesser the tradation of communication and this not a good indicator for a society or nation where the members of a society or nation may avoid to communicate about matters, problems, situations & other things thus they basically strong the problems & difficulties just because to avoid the communication.
COMMUNICATION is LIFE and when a nation avoid the life it may travel towards end. Communication is not Talking because " Talking creates noises but Communication creates understanding ". So to no communication attitude leads groups, societies & nations to tackle situations by fight, battles or wars. When communication left other things take place instead of communication and another question suddenly come into the mind: What is Communication if Talking is not the similar word to use instead of Communication?

Communication have various things: Intention, Attention, Distance, Duplication, Terminals, Cause & effect. So if all the things are togather Comminication become in exsistance and where Communication take places it may reolve all the problems as " Communication is Universal Solvent (L.Ron.Hubbard) "
Thatswhy I am emphasize to just do communication and always try to develop a Communicative Society where we able to discuss, convey, exchange the ideas and get understood.

To writing blogs is the way we begin communication with the fellow society members and the we become on of that group working for the betterment of society by communicating on all the matters as people believe on slve matters by communication.
We have chance to make a change in Mindset & attitudes just by participating.

So lets start communicating.