Friday, September 4, 2009

The Time for Bloggers to Play a Strong Role Now.

Now media (Press, T.V, Radio, Internet) is the name of power which is on peak with the attention of billions of viewers/listenrs/readers worldwide. Media is able to create an impact about any issue as it want to be. But most mediums of the media are basically commercial organizations and runs under the economic interests. Every presure or interest should effects the turth & reality on many issues of many levels or capacities.

On this turn the importance of bloggers are most important as majority of boggers are not under any economic or other pressure or intwrest, also bloggers are like islands so everyone has individual value & source of information and this formation of bloggers are unique, important & effective. The medium of internet is also unique, fast, easy to access, important & powerful. There are many issues where Media knows but for pressures or interests the thing remain hide or un-attentive to become news. Bloggers are the answers: Many things/events/news/situations/observations became in light just because of any indivdual blogger. Bloggers are also the sign of freedom & opinion based reporting.

Its the time for bloggers to play a strong role in the field of media. Still the main stream media don't give the proper attention & place to bloggers but this attitude don't less the importance of blogging. The increasing ratio to use of internet is the real power for bloggers. Now one in home/office or on road, it not difficult to keep in touch as internet is in the access by mobile phones/smart phones. The present era is the era of technology and thus blogging will soon become more powerful, easy-to-access & effective way to report, analysis & present one's opinion to public.

The Bloggers Association of Pakistan is an needed action which had done. Now the needs is to increase the level of activeness & to make bloggers more active programs like National Bloggers Confrence 2009 & Tweetup 09 have significant value. There are still a huge need to organize the more programs to train new bloggers and arrange discussion on the topic of blogging.
Voice of Life by Faisal Ali Arain

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Where are we going to

: People i am thinking where are we going towards, I in my very childhood observed the things to get success which are totally changed now. On that time money & staus are not so important but the honesty, turth & work hard. Now I am near to 30 and things around me have changed not 100% but may be 90%. Now money & status are so much important.

All what I have written are turth for may be not for the whole society but for the majority.

The important question for all of us as its very much concern with the collective problem we are facing as members of this society.

Why the values has upto entirely changed??

What the price we as society paid for it?

Are really we concernd about it?

Is Money & Status are much important than Turth, Honesty & Moral?

The Success is really the Success we have gotten instead of Turth?

Is that the time to think?
Voice of Life by Faisal Ali Arain