Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lets Discuss: What is Responsibility of an Individual towards Betterment in Society?

Lets Discuss here about the subject matter. Everywhere we have heard that " System is Bad ", " Government is Un-Sucessful ", " There is no chance to happening of something Good " & etc.............................

I don't want to make anyone wrong or right here : But If we discuss here another point of view about " Make Things Go Right ", I rhink we will get something practical to do as one philosepher said that " The wrong thing to is Nothing ". If we talk about BIG problems & matter what is Outcome practically? As an Individual citizen may not in capacity to make a big change in initial level and basically this thing is a trap when we just want to suddenly changes the thing which have taken a long time to develop in thier current form. Working on the things which merely shown unable to change now is like Nothing. For an Individual Citizen one may change the things towards betterment but first he need to realize that where is the begining point? And from my point of view it is better & easy to start from little actions by your own. For example: Don't throw garbage everywhere, Don't break the traffic rules, Make a Que, Take care about water-usage everywhere, Clean your teeth properly, Give a smile to others to make them happy, Take care about Children, Pets & Trees & there are thousunds little good actions an Individual Citizens can do at your own will.

This is not a philosophical debate but we just need to discuss those things here which has capacity & capability to make a difference towards good.

I am waiting for your comments and suggestions.

Voice of Life by Faisal Ali Arain