Friday, May 8, 2009

12 May. A challange for all of us to keep PEACE in Karachi instead of all hurdles.

Today is 08 May,2009
Only 03 days left for 12 May,2009.

Many rumors are circulating in the city about 12 May,2009.

But this date bring a challenge for all of us to show a total positive attitude to keep the peace of city so everybody will experience a new style of positivity from all of us (Citizens of Karachi).

Will we do it?
Many have doubts but I am certain that if we really want to show the positive attitude we will definitely do it.

Its the need of time and we have to accept this challenge.

But How?

Atleast we convince ourself & people around us ( Family, Neighbourhood, Office & Community ) about doing something for keeping peace in the city. as become not effect of bad things & hate for our fellow human beings.

We will do following things & also convince others to do same:

1/. Do not pass on any rumor or bad news until it has proven to be true. Moreover, do not pass on bad news ( even if it's true) to others unless necessary.

2/. Don't discuss bad things of past and don't allow others to do that.

3/. We have need to adopt a behaviour of positivity & happiness with others and also show the attitude of tolerance.

4/. Don't become effect of HATE & Bad emotions will spread by Merchant of Chaos who want to destroy the city & its peace thus peace of country.

Above tips are few but we have many things if we really want to accept the challenge to keep peace on 12 May,2009

4/. To " Set a Good Example " just by showing our good intentions through good actions.

Beyond all these things : Language, Party Affiliation, Race & sort of things we need to live as ONE PAKISTAN ONE NATION.

Do we????????????????????[b][/b]
Voice of Life by Faisal Ali Arain

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Let's discuss the defination of Society here???

Let's discuss our society and its future here.
Its a topic of significant importance & of great common interest. I dpn't want to play with complicated technical terms to beautify this article but to simplify & effective to get a conclusion or fact lead us to conclusion or ways towards.

First we have to know then make a collective agreement on what elements a society consist on?
By the way the answer is very easy: Human beings who are the building blocks but a real defination is need to be accepted by heart of majority and the proof of agreement is implementation
of the agreed defination in the society.
But if we now we discussed that how to apply this defination on our society we may face a strange condition as if we really agreed that if an individual is building block of society why there is " no value " for an individual?

Why the last or may be no priority is a human/individual?

This is an open question to discuss and I am waiting for your views about it.

Voice of Life by Faisal Ali Arain

A Crying Reply after seeing todays Ankahi Show on Sama TV by Faisal Qureshi

First I am sorry if I will be harsh on my article. I have just seen the todays Show of Faisal Qureshi on Sama TV and litterally I can't stop tears of my eyes still continue. I am not a weak or distracted person but as human being sometimes I faced conditions where I can't resist.
What we are?
Human Beings?
Creatures who are just concern with personal needs?

Please Please forgive me for my comments but for god's sake be vocal if you want to face yourself with turth & proud.

I don't want to be silent and I hope there are many with us.
I have seen a report of little kid who want to be a doctor and he is now working on a auto-mobile shop.
I have seen a report of a 05 years old kid who have murdered
I have seen many things daily in soceity.

Are we human beings?
Are we civilized?

I am just crying and nothing more?

Sometimes we are how

Voice of Life by Faisal Ali Arain

Monday, May 4, 2009

A little review about Seminar I have received on topic "How to be in Good Condition & keep others inspite of chaos in the city??"

In the current situation of cityalmost everyone is looking scared/tensed or worried and a common question is raised from all " How to be in Good Condition ? ".
To find the answer of this question I & my friends have attneded a seminar on Dia etics Centre for Personal Excellence Karachi on 02 May,2009 Saturday evening at 07:00 p.m. The seminar have delivered by Dr Itquan Farouqi (Ph.d) and he is one of the best lecturer I have ever met because of his trainings in five continent of the world & also vast experience to deliver the workshops/seminars & lectures.
We were curious to kn about to know " How to Handle the worst conditiond of our city as an Individual citizen who felt the Responsibility to do something in this regard? ".

Dr Faroqui beging his lecture with concept of Responsibility of an Individual towards Society and tell us that an Individual has ability to take the responsibility for taken action toward of Society. Responsibity is a level of awareness which one have gotten by knowledge with its implentation on life to make it better.
Then he discussed that to make a better environment one have to be in good condition so he will not become the effect of this condition and this is neccessary for an Individual to be in Good Condition to help others.
He used a booklet of Mr L.Ron Hubbard "Solution to dangerous environment" to teach us about practical actions to " Be in Good Condition "
This actions can use for self & others to restore them in Present Time, Good Condition and Better Awareness Level.

Refrence : Booklet " Solution to Dangerous Environment " Chapter: Ways to lesson the threat.

1/. Find Something That Isn't Being a Threat.

2/. Do Not Read Newspaper.

3/. Take a Walk.

4/. Find Something That Isn't Hostile for You.

5/. Handling a Loss.

6/. Arrange One's Life.

7/. Knocking Off Things That Upset One.

Dr Farouqi were briefed us above 07 points in detail and to know the detail anyone use the link I have given in the link.

I have really impressed by receiving the seminar as to learn something new & practical is give me joy ever.

dr Farouqi also offered that he & his team is ready to help people who want to be better & welcome them at Dianetics Centre for Personal Excellence Karach. Also he told us about a Free Lecture about Awareness & Betterment held on every Friday at Dianetics Centre Gilshan-e-Iqbal Karachi (0301-2961106 & 0300-2859153).

Voice of Life by Faisal Ali Arain