Monday, May 25, 2009

Attitude for People working under Open Sky or Roads.

Have you seen that how burning is the weather nowadays?

Did you notice something else in this regard?

Did you notice the decreasing ratio of trees & plants?

have you seen outside from your airconditioned office/home/car or covered places where outside many human beings like us are busy in work or live below the naked sunlight without any shelter, where the heat from the Sun, Polution from the Smoke of the cars, Noises from the engines, machines and reflecting heat from the burning roads directly hit them but they don't blaim, don't complain.

What are we thinking & care of them?

Have we given them respect?

Have we let them cross the road easily instead of yelling & continue push the horns of the cars?

Have we seen them with care & respect in our eyes?

Is it necessary?
Voice of Life by Faisal Ali Arain

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