Tuesday, August 25, 2009

How to Defeat the Increasing Prices (Mehngi).

High Increasing Prices are one of the important problem everyone from middle & lower class is facing in Pakistan.

The core reason is no-control of Govt on prices.
2nd is the trader's custom of gaining undue profit from comman man to make crisis & demand by Storing of things (Zakhera Andozi) sell it on higher prices .

There are many other sub reasons of this but as a comman man I am concernd with How an Individual can protest.

The simple way of protest against Inreasing prices are as follows:

1/. Don't Buy: Means just buy necessary things. If you need 2 eggs per day don't buy 01 dozen as buy only needed things may effect the shopkeeper, distributor & rest of concernd people.

2/. Don't impress by advertisement and specially those including Offers for buying more quantities on low rate ( This is just a trick to capture you and you don't actually get benefit of it in real).

3/. Be Simple: Means don't buy more then your actual need and don't buy expensive things. One pair of clothes is enough for Eid so why people tends to buy mote than one. If you have more than enough money just care about your poor relatives & needy people.

4/. Argument& Refuse: Means check every price which is print or annouced. Don't pay more than actual prices. Refuse to buy on high price. Refuse to Buy on the price more than published or announced in pricelist.

5/. Budgeting: Make your monthly budget and stricly follow it. Don't try to avoid your budget limits for different heads.

6/. Convey: Means concience others to Protest in the same way.
Voice of Life by Faisal Ali Arain

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