Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Is that the Solution?

After lot of thinking about the problems of our society and the individual as a member of society, the running chaos in our society and etc...................

I have found a one line formula as a solution or co-ordinating solution which able to lead us towrads solution.

And first it is important to know that what are the basic problems of our society which really related to a common man instead of tough technical terms & phrases.

1. Corruption.
2. Mismanagement.
3. Un-certainity.
4. Inflation.
5. Lack of Quality Control and Honesty.

& etc......................

I chose the Corruption as first priority basic problem of our society and an individual and Corruption in all matters.

So my one line formula is " Be simple, Spread Simplicity in all areas of Life"

We are discussing the above line from all possible angles and point of views but my dear I have already checked as per my knowledge and information.

Why Corruption is exsisting here in our society:
What are the reason people have to accept, continue, start or bear corruption?
1. Mismanagment in every area so nothing will working as per system.
2. The general economic condition of a common man is bad so he is unable to survive.
3. A rate race is continue to raise the status without exception of right or wrong.
4. Inflation.
5. Un-certainity.

But if one is opt the SIMPLICITY in Living, It can possible to defeat the Corruption and others problems of our society then we think in reality about progress, development and for bright future of our society.

This line is not the end of my this blog but the initiative to think about and write your ideas to share.

In your point of view what is the basic problem on first priority out of above o5 problems

Voice of Life by Faisal Ali Arain

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