Friday, May 8, 2009

12 May. A challange for all of us to keep PEACE in Karachi instead of all hurdles.

Today is 08 May,2009
Only 03 days left for 12 May,2009.

Many rumors are circulating in the city about 12 May,2009.

But this date bring a challenge for all of us to show a total positive attitude to keep the peace of city so everybody will experience a new style of positivity from all of us (Citizens of Karachi).

Will we do it?
Many have doubts but I am certain that if we really want to show the positive attitude we will definitely do it.

Its the need of time and we have to accept this challenge.

But How?

Atleast we convince ourself & people around us ( Family, Neighbourhood, Office & Community ) about doing something for keeping peace in the city. as become not effect of bad things & hate for our fellow human beings.

We will do following things & also convince others to do same:

1/. Do not pass on any rumor or bad news until it has proven to be true. Moreover, do not pass on bad news ( even if it's true) to others unless necessary.

2/. Don't discuss bad things of past and don't allow others to do that.

3/. We have need to adopt a behaviour of positivity & happiness with others and also show the attitude of tolerance.

4/. Don't become effect of HATE & Bad emotions will spread by Merchant of Chaos who want to destroy the city & its peace thus peace of country.

Above tips are few but we have many things if we really want to accept the challenge to keep peace on 12 May,2009

4/. To " Set a Good Example " just by showing our good intentions through good actions.

Beyond all these things : Language, Party Affiliation, Race & sort of things we need to live as ONE PAKISTAN ONE NATION.

Do we????????????????????[b][/b]
Voice of Life by Faisal Ali Arain

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