Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Crying Reply after seeing todays Ankahi Show on Sama TV by Faisal Qureshi

First I am sorry if I will be harsh on my article. I have just seen the todays Show of Faisal Qureshi on Sama TV and litterally I can't stop tears of my eyes still continue. I am not a weak or distracted person but as human being sometimes I faced conditions where I can't resist.
What we are?
Human Beings?
Creatures who are just concern with personal needs?

Please Please forgive me for my comments but for god's sake be vocal if you want to face yourself with turth & proud.

I don't want to be silent and I hope there are many with us.
I have seen a report of little kid who want to be a doctor and he is now working on a auto-mobile shop.
I have seen a report of a 05 years old kid who have murdered
I have seen many things daily in soceity.

Are we human beings?
Are we civilized?

I am just crying and nothing more?

Sometimes we are how

Voice of Life by Faisal Ali Arain

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