Friday, May 1, 2009

This is the time to think, observe & identify the things, situations, matters, conditions & events in real manner with the link of benefitiary of.

Now we have seen another chaos in city of Lights: Karachi and we paid more than 30 precious lives and loss of thousunds of millions as Karachi is the financial capital & economical hub of Pakistan.
So there are some points to Oberve, Think, Identify & Understand for all of us so in future we will enable to prevent this type of chaos before happening.

1/. What are the hidden facts behind all this chaos/incident?
2/. Who are actual beneficiaries of this event?
3/. Is the Hidden powes involved behind all this chaos?
4/. Have Police & Rangers taken action on the begining of chaos and the action they have taken was effective or they failed to stop this chaos on its begining stage.
5/. Our Intelligence agencies informed Police & Rangers prior to the day of chaos?
6/. What was the role of Media in this regard? Positive or Provoking?
7/. Is the purpose of this chaos to get away the attention of nation from important events happend in the country and they needs full attention of Government, Forces & nation?
8/ have Political leadership failed to control thier Hacks to busy in re-action of things happend?
9/. Will we expect these type of event in future again?
10/. What will be our Security Plan/Policy to prevent the possibility of this type of events in future?
11/. What a role of an Individual as a citizen of the city & country to prevent any action to destroy the peace of city?

There must be further more question are:
So we have to seriously think about it!!

Voice of Life by Faisal Ali Arain

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