Friday, April 24, 2009

Article Two: Public Transport of Karachi: Reason for Violence.

Karachi: The biggest city of Pakistan, Economic Capital of Pakistan, Financial Hub of Pakistan. The city of Lights.

The citizens of karachi still facing alot of problems because of public transport. City Distt Govt Karachi have made many roads but the dangerous creatures in the name of public transport are running here as a threat to burn the city.
Some following reasons are important to know as we are discussing the important but neglecting issue for the citizens of Karachi.

1/. The dirty, ill-maintained & too much packed buses & wagons are like a hell for citizens those have no choice to travel in this public transport with heavy fears but even unable to stand with repect into these buses & wagons and moreover the insist of conductors to fill this short places inside bus/wagon with more people even on the roof of buses/wagons.

2/. Increasing ratio of casualities (loss of precious lives) by public transport & other commercial transport like dumpers, trucks & heavy vehicles is very cautious and noticeable as well as failure of Law to punish the guilty drivers and owners (reponsible in behind) is a reason which lead people to think that this is not controlable by Law so don't expect a solution or justice.

3/. Majority of drivers of public transport & heavy vehicle has no driving licensce so because of thier unawareness about driving & traffice laws lead them to break the law very bravely as they know they will not get by law for thier offences as traffic police and courts have failed to punish any guilty driver for loss of citizens lives on road.

4/. A normal person may lost his enthusiasum & happiness after traveling as the inner conditions of buses/wagons are enough capable to end thier happiness & good mood but moreover make him/her angry & frustrated.

5/. After every few months transporters demanded for
raising the fares without providing any facility to passenger as maintenance of buses/wagons engines & inside area of vehicles.

6/. Not-properly-maintained vehicles are now become agents for raising polution rate by lethal smoke by buses/wagons thus a continue threat for every citizen on road and responsible for increasing rate of environmental deases and problems for citizens too.

7/. Continue misbehave of drivers & conductors with passengers is the reason to disturb passengers and we all know that disturbed people are a alaram for society peace.

Above reason and many other thing are enough to understand that Public Transport & Heavy Vehicles in Karachi may cause for a big violence in the city thus Anti-state elements may take benefit ofuse this burning situation.

Who is the responsible to check all this horrible situation. We have past refrences of bushra zaidi case as a example when a female student lost her life in a traffice accident and then city burned for years.

I have also written a small blog on my facebook notes about the same topic as I think that this is really important for the development of the city to provide good public transport facility to the common citizens and Good public transport may cause the benefit the economics and peace of city becaise frustated, angry & disturbed citizens unable to make progress.
Also if citizens have good public teansport system the mostly people use public transport for travel and we have less traffic in roads which provide benefit as less fuel used for vehicles and we will take benefot regardong saving of foreign exchange (used for import of furl), Better environment and less traffic jams in the city.
Voice of Life by Faisal Ali Arain

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  1. True. Its an important thing to understand by authorities.