Saturday, August 14, 2010

Rehabilitation of Flood affected people. Trauma Management by Dianetics Technology.

The one thing which is most important for affected people is the " Trauma Management " as I have experienced in my work with Earthquake affected people. Those who lost their family members, home are not in good condition have need to rehablitate in following order: 1. Rescue ( Escape from the Danger Place. 2. Medical treatment ( if needed ). 3. Provision of Shelter & food. 4. Trauma Management ( As I mentioned earlier that when someone had faced the loses ( emotional or physical or material ) then his willingness toward life is going down. At this moment he/she needs trauma management ( detail or enough counseling to rehabilitate so he/she motivate to live and able to face/confront the life.) and it is very much important that these trauma management will be done without tranquilizers / drugs / medicine. Volunteer Ministers ( & ) are trained to do it quickly and always trained others to do it. The last step of rehabilitation procedure is really very very important as for this Dianetics Assist Team needs your co-operation and needs people to be volunteer for to be trained.

--------------------------------------- Voice of Life by Faisal Ali Arain