Friday, February 11, 2011

What is the Problem?

In all arounds there is a chaos!

Everyone has problems but not solutions!

Is the situation justified and I think justification of the problem is not the remedy but Everyone needs Solutions.

Before we going to see the options and expectations of the Solutions, first we have to see the reason behind:

There are different reason lying in the surface and we need to findout the core or basic reason to make us enable to go towards the Solution thus betterment.

Apparent reasons are : Influation, failure of Law & Order, Bad Economic Situation, Insecurity, Terrorism, Failure of System, Un-employment, Corruption, Bad Governence and etc.............................................................................

It is really hard to findout the core/basic reason out of these all reason and in which many reason seems to be core/basic reason.

After long observation of years and long hours of interaction with different people from different walks of life things went towards the way:

The reason I found is not important for the majority of people I have met to discuss the subject matter and this is not strange for me as this attitude is the part of problem.

For majority of people the important problem is what which is concern to him/her or some how related to his/her interest.

The lacking point is National Interest instead of personal interest even the interest is right. Nations don't even survive with this kind of thinking and attitude, moreover this may lead a nation to a swan song.

The problem is

" Every one ask what Pakistan give him/her but not realize what Pakistan have given him/her"

This is now question for all of us and I need your personal answer

--------------------------------------- Voice of Life by Faisal Ali Arain

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