Friday, April 15, 2011

A little out of my thikning of a while

Just Blaiming & Complaining is not the best way even when you are right about in this regard. Take the Responsibility is the Best Way but there is a problem as everyone has thier own meaning of Responsibility : One has its meaning as Punishment, Another has its meaning as Burden, Another has its meaning as Problem, Another has its meaning as Fatek. I am sure that these wrong meanings are one of the root cause of problem as when one has no right meaning of a very much important word which directly concern with the life and its all problem, The scence becomes worst!

May be for many Intelluctual all these above lines are not worthy to concentrate and think about to conect this idea with the failures of Individual, Groups and Society towards the solution of challenges they are facing in daily life and failure lead towards the simple and complicated problems thus Society has been faced Chaos. In the core of problem when one want to findout the possible ways towards solutions to make life easier, simple and worthwhile a important thing to see and check is Mis-understanding of words in various ways. For many this idea is strange, impractical and etc...... but if one in a good condition of mind with passion to explore the real practical thing towards the solution, will find out some senior data which help an individual, group & society towards the bottom line where its easy to findout the begining of basic problem.

Our general attitude towards the study is proven thing and measurement standard of our priorities and understanding about Life and the problems related with it and its conectivity with the failures in general progress.

And now after alot of lines about the problem may be in a bit tough & philosophical style I think we have to focus on the summary of all these above lines indicating towards the two main things and the correct understanding of them may lead us towards the right attitude for many important things in life: One is taking Responsibility with correct understanding and honest passion towards solution and 2nd is the importance of understanding of the correct meaning of WORDS with ability to conect them in a right place in life.

--------------------------------------- Voice of Life by Faisal Ali Arain

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