Thursday, November 3, 2011

Magnitude of Understanding

To Confront the Truth of History, Accept the Mistakes of Past and Working with Honesty lead any Individual, Society, Country or Nation towrad real Development, Progress and Prosperity. If it is done you can say that it is the making of Real step forward

Do we examine ourselves according to above lines easily?

Do we believe that these lines are Worthwhile for us?

Do we able to Confront the Truth of our history in different areas and era?

Is the lines have magnitude of value to help us seeking the Solutions of our continue Crisis?

Do we really want to end the series of crisis began since 1947?

We have questions and we have to find the answers without blaming attitude but with a scientific, sincere and practical approach to help us in real meaning which make it possible to Get a Real Big Change without any Revelution but from the Way of Evolution.

One important question is : What are the Real Asset of a Society ?

Materialistic Assets : Infrastructure, Money, Buildings & Roads, New Cars and Aeroplanes and etc........................ ?



And now which type of Assets we have in our Society ?

The purpose of writing these lines are not blaming anyone but Think about the MAGNITUDE of UNDERSTANDING!!

An hour of simple thinking on the subject and about the things one can rapidly begin by him/herself to get the Real Assets of Society may help every Individual to make a step forward.

Is there any hope for you to do??

--------------------------------------- Voice of Life by Faisal Ali Arain

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