Friday, November 4, 2011

Three Questions

Another campaign against Democracy has begun again. People and specially political workers has to concentrate deep inside on causes, reasons and things hide behind smoke of apperent things. We all are agree with & support the Anti-Corruption Movement but there is very much care to differentiate between the Anti-corruption Movement and Anti-democracy Movement. We have to see first on History of Pakistan & History of Pakistan Politics, To see in detail about the Reasons & Causes of Corruption invented in Politics & Who were the Responsible those was done this dirty job. I have lot of questions to ask the blammers of field & facebook to many persons, 1/. What do you think about the Era of Ex-Governer General Ghulam Muhammad, Ex-President Major General (R) Askandar Mirza & Field Marshall General Muhammad Ayub? Many books like Shahab Nama by Quduratullah Shahab ( former I.C.S. ) provide few facts to understand and there are other books also to provide awareness of that time
2/. What do you think about those who easily said and expressed open support to Dictatorship ?

3/. There are lot of people thier parents were Govt Employees ( Civil & Military Officers ) who had established the Assets beyond thier financial limits and salaries but now their Generation who survivied on that Lotted Money of Corruption are Representing the Truth and Honesty?

I will ask more questions but now I think above three questions are enough to ask to my friends.

--------------------------------------- Voice of Life by Faisal Ali Arain

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