Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Individual has ability to think & do as an Individual.

Some people said that an Individual can't change the society and gave alot of reasons to make right thier point of views.

But I believe an Individual can change the Society, province, country & even the world. If we look at glance on the history we will find thounsund examples where an Individual can change the destination.
Prophets, Scientest, Philosphers, Writers, Soldiers, Intelluctuals and others.

The first Individual who found the fire change the concept of food. Graham bail An Individual who invented the telephone. Madam Queeri An individual who found the plotonium. Newton An Individual who found the Theory of Gravity. L.RonHubbard An Indivdual who found the Re-Active Mind and developed a practical technology for betterment. Mohammad Ali Jinnah An Individual who lead the movement of independence thus Pakistan take place in the map of world as an country. Nelson Mandella An Individual who lead the movement of independence of South Africa and thus succeed.
We have thousunds more examples of Individuals.
So if an Individual believe on his personal ability he can change the things, society.

An individual character is vital for the development & change for society because for whatever reasons many groups manuplate to us that an Indiviual have no power and have no abilities to made a certain change in thier society or world. If they will success to make people believe on this idea of inability we dont imagine the damage we will have in world. You also imagine a world where everyone unable to believe on his/her abilities so may any further development takes place?

An Individual can think in such a different way that others can't and if all Individual will start think as a capacity of Individual we may expect brilliant change for the destination of our planet. I have very solid reason to say that because those who want that individuals don't believe on thier own ability (to think as an Individual & ability to do for a better change) want no betterment.

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