Friday, April 10, 2009

Internet Activism may become a tool of awareness.

Every Era, Every Civilization, Every Planet has its own weapons to fight the wars. Also its another discussion that how many type of wars may runing in a time.
The war of communication & thoughts are the kind of war ever & everywhere continued. In the current era we have Internet & computers as a new weapon of this war on virtual world. Before virtual world has very different meaning but now we have another meaning of virtual world after the Internet & Computers. The virtual world is a place now where poeple from every part of world are able to come for communication, meeting and every kind of activities almost like the real world.Now an Individual is merely different from the Individual of time before Internet & Computers availibility.
Now an Individual has power to communicate without boundries & restriction almost. The required thing is having Computers & Internet conection as well as having workable knowledge of internet usuage.
I also wrote before in a blog that an Individual has unlimited powers to think, do and make the change whatever he believe to.
An Individual has now something different to do which he had not before. Intenet is a fantastic medium where you talk, chat & communicate freely across the whole world to convey, propagate, disseminate & tell the world whatever you want to tell to the world.

Communication is a powerful weapon which we now use for convey our idea to make people understand about change. In all the times one common problems Individual did face is barriers for thier communication to others by different govenments, tribes, societies, groups and sort of types just to make a stop.

Communication make understanding and there are many want others not to understnad because they are thinnking that when understanding takes place then things went from thier hands. What a foolish attitude! They want to stop progress of a mankind just because the suspection of losong anthority & power from thier hands.

The purpose of the writing of this blog is to tell you all my friends that just think about the power now is in your hands. literally in your hands as I am writng this blog from my Nokia Communicator a mobile phone having such facilities of computer which enable me to surf internet on it upto a good extant but not fully. So this is really fantastic to have a great power of communication with the world in no time !!! There is a faciltiy to tell others ten of millions of people about what are you thinking for the matters of common interest of all of us. For example we will let them the turth about our real identity being as Pakistani and able to tell them that the real majority is believe on terrorism and our tradation & culture is consisst on Peace & Love. It is really easy to let them know that every religon is basically believe on Peace & Sanity. We able to tell them the turth that the minority of bad people has no valid representation of any religon in whatever conditions.
If we just make us worry its not the solution. Just sat without doing is not the solution. There is a way: Internet activism is a tool, is a weapon easily accesable in your hands and by using it " Something Can Be Done About It ". Open your P.C., Laptop, Notebook or Mobile to write a blog, comment on other blogs, Go to social networking websites and use thousunds ways to communicate by internet. So don't worry because you are not at dead end. There is a way as the old english idiom " There is a will there is a way ".
By Internet activism Individual make a good effect on various things important for societythus civilization.

So its the time to use to make a better change without losing firther precious time. Let's come & write whatever you think, you believe for the betterment.

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