Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Writing with Freedom.

What a good feeling is writing with freedom as your own boss. Everywhere in our world freedom is a thing make a new look to ideas & innovations.
We want freedom of read, write & act but many of us playing a double role as they need this freedom for them but not to let others to do as they want for thierselves.
I am totally diaagree for this attitude for they did and moreover explained it for alot of justification & reasons.
Every one of us arw free and want to be free so no one has right to restrict other's freedom.
Another way to make barriers in the way of other's freedom is to make some unjustified rules of society so the majority don't dare to a single word for the things they want no one discuss about it.
In the name of religon, language, country & sects there is a lot of barrieres before the freedom to write.
I agree with the rational things developed for the securing the society from the worst but if one individual or group would try to benefit in the name of securing something but originally try to steal the freedom of others is really not accepted.

Freedom is our right and no one can steal it from us.

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