Sunday, April 12, 2009

What a common men needs for living?

In any society there are some basic needs of a comman man of a society. As I think the basic needs of a comman man is same in all societies. What these are:
Bread, Cloth, Accomodation & Freedom of Rights.

The society which fully or mostly provided these to thier citizens may called a civilized society but the important thing is not only the part of society but also on the part of an Individual member of society. Its the two way process to become civilized. An Individual working for society & a society working for an Individual. If this balance is disturbed society collapsed. An Individual is the most precious asset of a society so it is vital to provide equal oppurtunity to every individual to do thier rule for thier own, family & society. Everyone have equal rights of living and by thier ability & hard work an individual may get the any position on merit basis.

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