Thursday, April 23, 2009

Lets communicate for make the change.

Whatever the reason is --- It may lesser the tradation of communication and this not a good indicator for a society or nation where the members of a society or nation may avoid to communicate about matters, problems, situations & other things thus they basically strong the problems & difficulties just because to avoid the communication.
COMMUNICATION is LIFE and when a nation avoid the life it may travel towards end. Communication is not Talking because " Talking creates noises but Communication creates understanding ". So to no communication attitude leads groups, societies & nations to tackle situations by fight, battles or wars. When communication left other things take place instead of communication and another question suddenly come into the mind: What is Communication if Talking is not the similar word to use instead of Communication?

Communication have various things: Intention, Attention, Distance, Duplication, Terminals, Cause & effect. So if all the things are togather Comminication become in exsistance and where Communication take places it may reolve all the problems as " Communication is Universal Solvent (L.Ron.Hubbard) "
Thatswhy I am emphasize to just do communication and always try to develop a Communicative Society where we able to discuss, convey, exchange the ideas and get understood.

To writing blogs is the way we begin communication with the fellow society members and the we become on of that group working for the betterment of society by communicating on all the matters as people believe on slve matters by communication.
We have chance to make a change in Mindset & attitudes just by participating.

So lets start communicating.

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