Thursday, April 23, 2009

Article One: Public Transport of Karachi: Reason for Violence.

Public Transport System is one of the major reason of Violence in the city. In the population of arounds 200,000,00 citizens there is very uncomfortable & ugly system of Transport always act as a THREAT to the citizens of this megapoliton city. The burning era of Karachi had started after the Bushra Zaidi's accident case and citizens have been suffered the after effects upto many years as well as this incident changed the collective attitude of the city and the City of Lights becomes the City of Disputes thus we have been experienced a divide society here still. Dirty & bad-maintained buses & wagons, Old model taxies & smoking rachshaws alongwith un-trained & misbehaving drivers (in the majority) having no driving license and also unknown about traffic laws made this city like a hell where apparently no law is present to savew citizens from Transport mafia.What is this?Is this Karachi: The biggest one city of country?I this Karachi: The economical capital of country?Provincial Transport Ministry, City District Govt Karachi, Traffic Police & Traffic Engineering Bearu are busy to fight eachother for share of powers & jurisdaction.So who is responsible to DO SOMETHING for Transport & transport system of Karachi.Since long time the citizens have been listening & listening only but in this regard no major changes have seen so this matter becomes a story that citizens of Karachi have better facilities of transport. This misbehave by authorities provoking citizens and make them angry about everything and this is not a good indicator as disturbed people or citizens ever being problem for governments & society but there is all society became disturbed just because of nobody from authorities really do something for thier problems.But there is another view point for all this problem. Have we ever relay on government & authorities to DO SOMETHING for MAKE THINGS GO RIGHT?Will we DO SOMETHING to MAKE THINGS GO RIGHT?Is only government responsible for ?As a citizen or society how we change the things toward the better?We have right of protest but how?protest by violence is not the solution or right answer to the problem we have.We will protest by blogging, commenting on blogging. by writing emails to the concern authorities & media also to raiae the matter on screen & news., by writing letters to the authorities, editors of newspapers, news televisions and the parlimentarian, judges.We will arrange rallies, silent protest by many methods.we will make the change if we really want to do. Now question is that: Are we really want a change?

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