Thursday, April 23, 2009

National Bloggers Confrence 2009. Karachi

I am sitting in the kohinoor hall of Regent Plaza Hotel Karachi. Its 03:44 p.m. at confrence will supposed to start on 4:00 p.m. as I have received a message that all attnedees must be on time and due to this message I am here before time.This is a unique event specially in our environment where majority is fond of events but not this type of. Internet bring a reveloution in the world and every type of communication to all the world became easy, fast and within every subject & field had recieved a change after internet. Now Internet has more changed and blogging & social networking websites are new addition where people meet new people, write and discuss the issues of common interest. Blogging almost end the monoply of one in communication on media as its the new branch of media for an individual wothout having lot of money, decleration and various equipment. Now you need only a computer or mobile to get conect with this world and you have a open access on it.Its a new begining & I personally feeling happy. Let see what is going on when event will start and I will sure write another blog about it after completion pf confrence.

Review after attending:

National Bloggers Confrence is a unique event as its the first initiative by any Government of South Asia & Middle East. So Mr Raza Haroon Provincial Minister for I.T. Govt of Sind, Mr Ali Raza, Mr Chisti & thier team is highly appreciated. I knew about another name who was did alot for this confrence and during the confrence and the lady is Rabia Gareeb ( I hope that I spell correctly). Confrence is the begining of new era of change in journalism & communication. Many Bloggers came on stage and have talked about blogging: Jehanara, Rimla, Farhan chaowla, Ammar from and in the last a bloggers who have talked about Urdu blogging. Mr Raza Haroon (Provincial Minister for I.T. Sindh) & Mr Farooq Sattar (Federal Minister for Overseas Pakistanies,) addresses were good. I hope that this type of confrences & seminars will continue in future to promote & support Blogging as a healthy medium of communication as well as use the talent of blogging for the modification of system as people needs. This is the time to understand the new changes in the world and I.T. revelution had changed the world. If we make ourselves fimiliar to them as a nation it may provide us the benefit and we will use the talent of our bloggers in different fields.Any democratic government needs to conect with thier people and social networking sites & blogging is the way.In the last I am again appreciating Ali Raza, A.K.Chishti, Rabia gareeb and all others (I don't know the name of others).Please continue these type of programes.

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