Thursday, April 23, 2009

Is Complain the only way for us? ( one of my notes)

I have read the article written by Zaire Haider. Its good but I am not agree with all contents. He said to arrange a mob! The majority of people talk against poiliticians but want to use political tricks & tactics. There are many peaceful method to do protest and record the point of view about any situation. Many are saying that they need solution but what they did. Why don't good people come in politics and do thier rule. In this time I remeber some dialogs from indian film " NAIK ". This is about politics and some parts are very interesting. Once the hero Aneel Kapoor refused to contesting the election then Ompuri told him " Everyone wants a peaceful home at good area. everyone want to work from 09 to 05p.m. A beautiful wife, Peaceful home & other facilities and want to have tea in lawn, Reads News paper and telling to wife : Darling the politicians are very bad. Ompuri said to hero that if all are thinking like that who will come to save the country. If Gandhi thought like this who will get freedom for India"These are thought provoking dialogs. are we are totally hopeless. Do we are completely unable to do anything as an individual. Why we dont begin anything from our home, our area instead of critisizing authorities. What is a difference between we & them." Set a good Example " is the way as I thinks. There are ways if we really have will to do.

Voice of Life by Faisal Ali Arain

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