Thursday, April 23, 2009

May we begin (one of my notes)

This is a time to begin but its better that first a thinks with passion and take a permenant decision then discuss with your own in detail and then start to do. Friends its not difficult. Everyone out of us are capable so don't under-estimate yourself by your own and don't under-estimate others. Atleast a individual begin from a little work on constant basis. Just take a look in your arounds and note what is the easiest thing to do for betterment.Production is the basis of morale (L.Ron.Hubbard)So when one begin to do something whatever their action is toward betterment. He/She will get high morale and you all know what the slogan is in the soldiers when they are going to begin any advance:Morale is HighUp to Sky.So now we needs " Hight Morale " and we will get by just producing and there are thousunds ways to do better thing. Just think, take decision, start and produce ( There is a will, there is a way)Wo tu suna hai na" SUB KUCH HO SAKTA HAI "Note: Might be possible that many have fears, doubts, failure and other barriersBut Allama Iqbal said:Tundeei bad-e-mukhalif se na ghabra Ae UqaabYeah tu urti hai tujhe aur Ooncha auranee ke liye.Life is a game and all the game consists on Freedom, Barriers & limitations. A good player is who know what the game is and to know the ingredeints of game is help to play a better game.So leave all the thing which stop us to rise as a Nation and just start doing things.

Voice of Life by Faisal Ali Arain

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