Thursday, April 23, 2009

I am Responsible (One of my notes)

I am like that every citizen of Pakistan has right to have a political view and its neccessary. Politics is vital to run the governments worldwide. One should support the Government formed by people & work for people.I am the one who thinks that all the bad & wrong things in our country just happend because of the low responisbility level of an individual as a bieng, as a citizen & as a member of society. We need the Study Technology to get the actual knowledge of " How to Learn & Study " and the barriers of study which prevent us to fully understand and application in life of what we have studied.I am working with A.B.L.E. T.W.T.H. & Applied Scholastics I know that what are our problem and how we will solve them.As a citizen of Pakistan, As a being, As a Responsible to Reform & Correction of all things in my country I have decided to work for this cause my whole life.
Voice of Life by Faisal Ali Arain

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