Thursday, April 23, 2009

Come On & Keep Continue the Good Things (One of my notes)

Many machines/equipments and things were made because there was an idea/dream and the men's history was filled with many examples.If a man had not dreamed to fly like birds how can an aeroplane become a reality. But the persons have been worked to made aeroplande had had alot of criticism & misbehave.And may the following idiom was made on that times."If there is a will, There is a way"The last percept out of 21 percept of book The Way to Happiness is:Flourish & Prosper.Inspite of all difficulties & demotivation True & Correct is always True & Correct.@ All who thinks "That Communication or Discussion on the things/matters are useless"This discussion, communication is not waste. It basically push a person to thinkover on problems, difficulties, neccesities and when one begin think over all these its the real begining.Come On and Keep continue the good things even very little."Ever Support the Person of Goodwill"

Voice of Life by Faisal Ali Arain

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