Thursday, April 23, 2009

To critisize is not the way to MAKE THINGS GO RIGHT.

I have read a post against politics & politicians of PAKISTAN so I thouht about to write following lines, One of my facebook friend use very hard words for Politicians of Pakistan and may she urge in thier post that soon Politics & Politicians of PAKISTAN may vanish. I have just a laugh for her because there are good & bad people in every field, religon, area, city, country & nation but how we look the feeling of urging vanish to a subject & related people. Critisizing give us clue of another thing which is not good. Critisizing is merely Irresponsibility!Those who able to do anything or those who are doing something in some field or area not Critisizing but "Set a Good Example" or " Keep Continue thier Good Work" as these are the only ways to "MAKE THINGS GO RIGHT"
Maya Its really strange to read your this post. Would you like to concern dictionary to check the meaning of POLITICS: A subject Studied in universities and like other subjects as medical, engineering, economics and other subjects. In every area & field there are good & bad people. I have seen mostly who criticize actully have not been done much work for the field, area or country they are critisizing for. There are not bad politicians but bad doctors, bad engineers, bad nurses, bad office workers, bad social workers, bad people, but always there good people in every field. An hateful attitiude is ever indicated from those who failed to do perform thier responsibilities or have not done anthing which they have to do.

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